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im_with_shallow [userpic]

Before you step any further...

February 13th, 2009 (02:39 pm)

I swear, officer, I was at: Me desk :O
How are you feelin', darlin'?: cheerful
Wind whistling through my head:: SID - "Aoi Renga"

This is the writing journal of anti_war_song.

I typically write SLASH. Yaoi. BoyxBoy. Gheyness.

If you are in any way offended by this...I suggest that you click back to wherever you came from and never return. Until you love the gheyness.

I will not tolerate flaming. It gets deleted. That is the only reaction thou shalt receive.

I typically do not write original fiction, either. So, if AU fanfiction irks you...Step. Now.

Fandoms I typically write in the following categories:

Avenged Sevenfold (Not so much any more)
TVXQ/DBSK/DBSG...whatever else you wish to call it.
Dir en grey.

Smokin' Aces.

Video Games:
Final Fantasy series
Kingdom Hearts II (Axel/Riku for all of you crack!pairing lovers out there.)

As of this moment...I have been working on...

A fic that remains untitled thus far. It's a Smokin' Aces fic centering around Darwin Tremor, who was played in the movie by Chris Pine. The plot is not fully developed yet, as I have not finished a nice chunk of the intro. It is currently at a standstill.

An original fic featuring my signature OMC, Ell/Llewellyn. Space pirates and bastard children. 'Nuff said. It probably will never be published online.

"Wrong Place, Wrong Time" - an Avenged Sevenfold fanfic that I have not worked on in AAAGES. I wish to at least FINISH it.



I will do a drabble at your request. Please restrict the request to Smokin' Aces or DBSG. Maybe even Axel/Riku.

I mean a DRABBLE. Not a FIC. And I will not write mansecks for you. XP


Giving me music (if you have lolita23q files, I'll love you forever..or the newest SID album) keeps me going. ;)

Also, add me and I add you! :3 Just please make an effort to comment every once in a while. <3

im_with_shallow [userpic]

Karmic Hell and Crackling Wallpaper

February 13th, 2007 (11:02 am)

I swear, officer, I was at: My desk. :O
How are you feelin', darlin'?: cold
Wind whistling through my head:: SID - "Rinjin"

Title: Karmic Hell and Crackling Wallpaper
Writer:...Me. >__>
Pairing: YooSu.
A/N: Kristi. This is all your fault. XP.....8DDDD

Surely karmic hell can't take that from you. Right?Collapse )

im_with_shallow [userpic]


January 4th, 2007 (03:03 am)
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How are you feelin', darlin'?: accomplished
Wind whistling through my head:: 12012 - "icy ~cold city~"

Title: Lovebirds
Author: KC
Pairing: YooSu
Rating: G
Summary: Just a random drabble spurred on by conversation...
Author's Notes: n/a

LovebirdsCollapse )

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